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AI Corporate Policy Statement

Policy Objective

The purpose of this Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy is to provide guidelines and procedures for the ethical and responsible use of AI technologies within Mosaic Marketing. This policy outlines the principles governing AI adoption, development, and deployment to maximize the benefits of AI while minimizing risks.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, partners, and stakeholders involved in the design, development, deployment, or operation of AI systems under the auspices of Mosaic Marketing.



  • Ensure that AI algorithms, data, and decision-making processes are transparent and easily understandable.


  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities for the development, implementation, and oversight of AI systems.


  • Avoid biases in AI decision-making and ensure equitable treatment for all user groups.


  • Protect individual privacy and data rights throughout the data collection and analysis process.


  • Implement robust security measures to protect AI systems and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Ethical Conduct

  • Use AI technology in a manner that is ethical and in line with Mosaic Marketing's core values.

Implementation Procedures

  1. Risk Assessment: Before the development or adoption of any new AI system, a comprehensive risk assessment must be conducted.

  2. Documentation: Keep exhaustive records of the algorithms, data sets, and decision-making processes for each AI system.

  3. Quality Assurance: Ensure ongoing quality control and validation procedures to keep the AI systems in check.

  4. Training: Offer regular training and awareness programs on responsible AI use for all staff involved in its development or application.

  5. Review and Audit: Conduct regular internal and external audits of AI systems to ensure compliance with this policy and other applicable laws.

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